In India, we are the pioneer and one of the largest manufacturers of Scrub Stations and Surgical Scrub Sinks for Operation Theatres, Cath Labs and Allied Sterile Areas.

Instrumed Scrub Sink’s super structure and the entire body are made of high quality stainless steel sheets and tubes. For maintaining highest degree of hygienic and aseptic conditions the through is fashioned to ensure that the water does not stagnate. The water is enhoused within the station in a thermostatically controlled chamber. Access Panel is provided for service and maintenance of the units. The stations are compatible with all standard and regular plumbing.

Our Scrubs are available in three categories:


Made completely of high grad stainless steel n a modular design for future up gradation. Maintains highest degree of hygienic and aseptic conditions with no stagnation of water in a through. Maintenance doors provided for servicing and maintenance. Our manual scrub is available in 3 models:

CAT No. I-SS-1 (for 1 person), CAT No. : I-SS-2 (for 2 persons), CAT No. I-SS-3(for 3 person)


Similar to our manual model but with additional facility of dispensing soap or any other disinfectant with foot switch. The flow of water is regulated with a stow away foot Switch. In case of power or motor failure backup facility is provided with foot pedal operated tap. Additional facility of high speed ‘Jet Flow’ available for washing instruments, endoscopes etc. Water is enhoused within the station in a thermostatically controlled chamber. Our motorized scrub is available in 3 Models.

CAT No.I-MS-1 (for 1 person), CAT No. I-MS-2 (for 2 person), CAT No. I-MS-3 (for 3 persons)


Similar to our motorised model but with solid state circuitry, enabling emergency backup facility and is available in 3 models:

CAT No. : I-AS-1 (for 1 person), CAT No. I-AS-2 (for 2 person), CAT No. I-AS-3 (for 3 persons)

The ‘manual’ and ‘Motorized’ stations are modular systems and they can be upgraded completely automatic or motorised systems, as the case may be.

All units carry a warranty of 12 months against any manufacturing defects.

INSTRUMED (India) International Pioneers in innovating medical equipment's and Instruments. For over three decades we have built up a credible reputation for being one of the most preferred and reliable manufactures and suppliers of high quality Surgical & Medical Equipment and Accessories. Catering to the need of leading hospitals and medical institutions, both in India and abroad.

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