The No Scalpel vasectomy method is superior & simplified approach to vasectomy than the conventional method. NSV involves the minimum invasive approach to the vas deferens, is quick, easy and safe method of male sterilization with less blood loss requiring no stitch or hospitalization.

Our Brand of NSV instruments has found approval of the distinguished NSV surgeons in India & Abroad & our instruments are being successfully used all over India & in Foreign countries too.

You can contact us to know more about the NSV procedure. We’ll be happy to send you all the necessary details.

INSTRUMED (India) International Pioneers in innovating medical equipment's and Instruments. For over three decades we have built up a credible reputation for being one of the most preferred and reliable manufactures and suppliers of high quality Surgical & Medical Equipment and Accessories. Catering to the need of leading hospitals and medical institutions, both in India and abroad.

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